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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Vive la Limonade!

Country Gay! Welcome back to our online home! Please see my email regarding our plans for world domination and cooking challenges. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on this bad boy:

Rième Blood Orange Limonade Artisanale
Rième Blood Orange Limonade Artisanale

I had seen these fantastic bottles of Frenchy beverage in Metropolitan Market for two or three weeks before finally caving. I don't know what the hell took me so long. I'm a sucker for fancy bottles and an even bigger sucker for Frenchy things.

There was a choice of classic limonade, pamplemousse (grapefruit) and blood orange. I know it seems like blasphemy that I didn't get the pamplemousse (to two of you reading at least), but I ended up walking away with the blood orange instead. Mostly because it seemed more exotic and I liked the color.

I'm trying to give up soda (and have been mostly successful for a month now) and I think I may have found a beautiful, fizzy replacement in the Rième. The tiny bubbles are delightful. Don Ho would be pleased. The flavor is subtle and not too sweet. It's a great summer drink in a delicate glass chock full of ice. But, most excitingly, the cap makes a big POPPING sound when you open it like a bottle of champagne. And not just the first time. EVERY time!

It's good on its own, but it's fantastic with pasta or rice dishes on days when you don't feel like drinking wine with dinner. I'm not sure what days those would be, but you get the idea.

If you want to try a bottle of your very own and you don't have a retailer that will deliver the goods, you can buy it online from some place called Bavaria Sausage. Or you can suck up to me and I'll send you a bottle.

Rieme Blood Orange Limonade Artisanale


- City Gay


slambo said...

The limonade looks refreshing, especially with the ice. I can't imagine there is a place here that would have such an exotic drink, though I may be able to find it in Boise.

I'm sure that is much better than the Coke Zero I've been drinking. I, unlike you, have been unsuccessful in giving up the soda.

Clay said...

Love me some Coke Zero!

r... said...

perhaps you didn't get the pamplemousse because 'twas spelled incorrectly.

i'm a big fan of the traditional limonade. tres bien.

as for the bottles, a friend of mine painted them matte white and put them in a nice, neat row on his cupboards.

sounds tacky, looked gorgeous.

Ilana said...

Well if you're still checking this do get in contact as I'd like to get some bottles and can't find a store near me that has it. If you can get me some I'd love it... would like at least 6... I tried the blood orange and loved it but that was in Vegas on a trip...