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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Country Gay Fabulous

In sharp contrast to the French meal from a couple of weeks ago, I made something extremely down home for dinner tonight. I had to improvise slightly since I haven't been to the grocery store for about a month.

While Brad was enjoying cocktail hour with a gin and tonic, I was frying potatoes and a pork chop. The meal was easy and quick. The potato was fried in vegetable oil with some fresh garlic, minced onions, and salt and pepper. (I would have used a real onion, but I didn't have any.) After flattening the pork chop with the flat side of a meat tenderizer, the pork chop was coated in a generic meat breading (that can be used for pork, chicken, or beef) seasoned with garlic salt, minced onions, and paprika. After frying and removing the potatoes to drain on a paper towel, I added the pork chop to the skillet. The chop was fried on both sides for about four to five minutes (or until the meat was fully cooked).

The meal was, I'm sure, not the healthiest thing since it was all fried, but it certainly had a down home flavor to it. While the picture doesn't show it, this is a meal that is helped with the very country condiment: ketchup. There is nothing fancy about this dish, but it certainly screams country gay fabulousness.

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