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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The sinister side of eggs

Country Gay -

Last year after seeing Natalie Portman eat an "egg in a basket" (which we lovingly dubbed "eggie in a basket" and not to be confused with "toad in the hole") in the film V for Vendetta, we went on an eggie-in-a-basket binge.

Eggies in baskets were all we ate for dinner two weeks in a row. Yes, we're that shallow as to radically change our diet based on what a beautiful girl eats in a movie. But then we lost focus and accidentally forgot about them until this week.

In the spirit of whatever we're doing on this blog, I decided to switch it up a little and make ... wait for it ... BAT IN A BASKET. Not an actual bat, you bumpkin! An egg... in the shape of a bat. Really, the idea was to cut a fun shape into the bread, and the bat was the only cookie cutter we own, so I ran with it.

And it was a miserable failure of an idea.

Here's where I believe I went wrong: Bats are associated with darkness and, to some extent, evil. Yes, even Batman himself has a bit of a dark side. My friend Deb's nickname is Batman. So if A equals B and B equals C, guess where that gets us? Deb ruined my dish!

The only alternate conclusion is that the bat shape was not big enough to hold the large egg.

But here, take a look at these photos and see how it all went down. I think it's imperative to note that the hands in these photos are NOT MINE. They are Gus' hands and, guess what else? Her other nickname is Robin. This is not a coincidence!


The victims in this experiment. Salt and pepper were also involved:

I still think this is a brilliant idea, I just need a chubbier bat next time:

The trick to successfully grilled bread is to put a a thin even coating of butter on the bread itself and then an assload more of it in the pan.

Here's where everything started going wrong (i.e. See Batman's sidekick's hands purposely tipping the egg from my bat hole? Not that bat hole, you sick freak.):

Unfortunately, we also learned too late that gas heat needs to be TURNED DOWN when the pan reaches temperature or you're bat is charred. Also, my basket has an egg goiter:

Not cute! But don't you love how I slathered jam on the extricated bat? The very jam I purchased in Friday Harbor! But guess what else? Bat in the hole was still delicious!

One thing I continue to struggle with is getting the egg cooked right because I like the runny yoke, but achieving runny yoke in a bread hole usually seems to result in runny egg white and that is mostly nauseating. Any ideas?

Love you long time,

City Gay

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Girl With Blog said...

bat-eggs would so have been a better quickfire challenge for top chef last night. yum!