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Monday, July 30, 2007

Hott or Not? Giada de Laurentiis

Dear Country Gay,

I find myself flip-flopping between attraction and repulsion when it comes to Giada de Laurentiis. She is undeniably beautiful, but it's in an uncomfortable and self-conscious way. That unusually-white forced smile makes me want to smack her in her "five head," but I can't help enjoying the rest of the package. Neither, apparently, can this talented YouTube artiste:

Great, right?

But then I happened upon Giada's latest photo shoot with Esquire Magazine in which she is dripping with tomato sauce and suddenly my eyes felt tainted and dirty. The most disturbing part is the inclusion of GDL's recipe for "homemade sauce" below the photos. Check out the photo of her pouring the "homemade sauce" down her leg. There's something so menstrual cycle about it AND she's conjuring up Lisa Marie Presley in the face.

My conclusion? Not hott. Mostly.


City Gay

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slambo said...

Dear City Gay,

I am a flip-flopper on this one. I used to change the channel whenever I saw her, but then I finally watched her a bit, and I tried her holiday biscotti recipe, which was fab, and decided she was okay.

However, I get frustrated with her sexiness in conjunction with her food, and those pictures only add to the frustration, though I think that has turned more into repulsion. The third picture, where you can't even see one of her hands, is like one photo of nudie photo hunt. Definitely not hott.

All of that said, I will most likely still watch her cook and stare at her boobs... and I don't even like boobs!

Love always,
Country Gay.