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Monday, July 30, 2007

First thing's first

Hey Country Gay,

As you may recall, our newly purchased townhome came with a disgustingly (ew ew spit gross) filthy oven. After living there for two months, we have yet to cook food in it because, really, would you want your food stewing in the steaming juices of whatever the hell this is:

As you also may recall, I came mighty close to outsourcing the dirty dirty job of cleaning that shit, but LO, I got a bee in my bonnet yesterday (not even a proverbial bonnet!) and went to town.

My main concerns were the noxious fumes that are typically associated with oven cleaners. And then I discovered this aerosol can full of a magical cleaning serum.

See! Just like Mad Max, except Fume Free Max instead. But I bet it's STILL beyond the Thunderdome because it kicked my oven's grody ass!

It doesn't require you to turn the oven on at all. In fact, it forbids it. It doesn't require rubber gloves. And it only made me feel a titch more funny in the head than I normally do. So I sprayed it in the oven and went to see the Harry Potter movie while it did whatever it does.

By the time I came back, it was a simple matter of wiping it out of the oven with several paper towels and vacuuming out a strange assortment of glass chards I discovered in the back of the oven. I assume the chards were a result of the previous owner's mysterious cooking rituals and NOT of the magical serum.

Now I can finally try my hand at this cooking thing! It should be noted that this is the only oven I have ever cleaned in my life as I've normally allowed the heat coils to burn off the dirty nastiness of my previous ovens (flavor!).

Peace out,

City Gay

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slambo said...

It's so shiny, City Gay! And you didn't even need Mery Maids. (Though an experience with Merry Maids could very well provide much for discussion here.)

I should clean my oven, too, since the people who lived here before me never cleaned it. That was a year ago, which makes me feel queasy... queezy..kwiezy... about everything I've backed in the last year.