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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Yay football and pizza! It's sooo sooper!

Happy Thuper Bowl errybody. I thought I should share my new favorite thing in pizza innovations.

I'm not a huge proponent of large pizza delivery chains, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Domino's Pizza has taken online ordering to a whole new shiny interactive level.

Once you're done placing your order, you can watch the progress of your pie by checking out their "Pizza Tracker."

Without having to reload the page (because it's a Flash application), the pizza moves from prep to the oven to the box and to your door. It's mesmerizing. Don't ask why, just accept.

The other cool Pizza Tracker feature is you can rate the quality of the food, your feelings about the delivery driver and you're ordering experience overall.

OMG, my pizza just arrived. Gotta run! Go Giants!


I had to share this hilarious bit from a USA Today article about the Pizza Tracker:

"It's technology in search of a problem," says Brian Kardon, chief strategy officer at Forrester Research, a technology researcher. "I don't know how many consumers are twisting and turning over the state of their delivery pizza."

Domino's says plenty are. "It's an emotional roller coaster when you order," McGlothlin says. "Customers wonder: Did they get my order? Are they taking care of me? Will it show up?"

It's an emotional roller coaster, people! But calm yourselves... Domino's has the answer to your pizza anxieties.


country gay said...

This is fascinating. I wonder if there is someone updating order information on the computer or if it is all done with what the usual time would be. Wouldn't it be weird if the application said, "Your pizza will arrive now" and the doorbell rings?


City Gay said...

It sounds like they actually track it with computers. Here's what they say about it in their press release:

"Pizza Tracker is linked directly to the computers inside the pizza
stores using Domino's Pulse and is accurate to within 40 seconds,
McGlothlin said. 'Once it leaves the store, drive times vary due to
distance, weather and traffic conditions, but customers will know that it's on the way.'"

Domino's has a Pulse!

country gay said...

You know, the moment I click submit for online pizza orders I tend to pace back and forth and eagerly look out my window.

When I first read your explanation I read the first part as the "computers inside your pizza." I thought, "What the hell kind of ingredient is that?"

This is a better idea than when Pizza Hut had a computer/voice recognition ordering system.

"I'd like a large pepperoni pizza."

"You said, a medium, thin crust, veggie pizza. Is that correct?"

"No. A large pepperoni pizza."

"You said a large extra cheese pizza. Is that correct?"

"No, you mother fucker! A large pepperoni pizza."

"I'm having trouble understanding you. Please wait for assistance."

And scene.

Girl With Blog said...

i like the new look of cg/cg. way to go with the rainbow graphic!

i also like the idea of computers in my pizza. if only you could tap into them through your tv, so you could watch the route your pizza takes through your body.

David Jack said...

city gay and i had an entire IM conversation about how amazing this thing is. i LOVE it.