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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Culinary Christmas prizes!

Happy post-Christmas, Mr. Country Gay!

I may or may not have remembered to document at least one of the things (stuffed mushrooms) I made for Christmas dinner, so I may or may not be posting about that a bit later.

But first, I thought I would quickly share my kitchen goodies from this year's Christmas haul.

In my stocking, I got a couple of mini silicone spatulas from Williams-Sonoma. I didn't realize it until looking for the picture, but you can get your Williams-Sonoma spatulas personalized if you order them online (i.e. where they usually print "Williams-Sonoma" at the end of the handle, it could say "City Gay is the hottness").

Also in my stocking was a little slate cheese board and a hard-cheese knife and soft-cheese knife from Crate & Barrel. Cute!

But the pièce de résistance was this stunning Le Creuset kiwi green French oven round (ou "la cocotte" pour les francophones).

Ooh la la! It is huge and super heavy and GORGEOUS. I'm currently reading Julia Child's autobiography "My Life in France," so I'm feeling very inspired to use this thing as soon as possible. Which won't be for awhile since I'm hauling my gay ass off to Hawaii soon (I'm trying to mention that as much as possible this week).

Dost thou or thine readers have any Christmas kitchen goodies to show off?

Love always,

Ms. City Gay


slambo said...

Holy crap! The oven round is hot!

I received two culinary gifts this season: the fantastic cookbook you sent, which I completely adore and should use instead of going to Jack in the Box, and a set of small mixing bowls, which I should also use while using the America's Test Kitchen cookbook.

Have fun in Hawaii!

Clay said...

City Gay, I think we are soulmates! I have been wanting a kiwi green Le Creuset for a couple of years now. Sadly, I did not receive any kitchen goodies for Christmas, though. :(

Girl With Blog said...

i didn't receive any kitchen goodies for christmas, but i did receive a trumpet, which i plan on playing in the kitchen.